Saturday, 22 February 2014

Half term, driving lessons and beads

Its been a funny week. 
Its rained, the sun has shone - is shining now, I have dug over the veggie plot but it does need a bit more digging over and my son is on holiday from the farm next week so hopefully he will be here one day and I can look pathetic and he will take over, not saying I planned to dig it over at round 4.30pm the other afternoon but it was perfectly timed for when he came through the gate and took over...oh the joys of having a big strong son. 
I have been out and about with my daughter in Rosie, we are getting there but its going to be a long road I pun daughter has no confidence but after purchasing some P plates, those plates you put on the car for new drivers, not compulsory in this country but after seeing the difference they made to other drivers to be more aware that she was a new driver I think they should be...with the exception of one stupid woman that couldn't have pulled her car any closer to the back of Rosie on a hill at the traffic lights, I think after the third time my daughter stalled the woman maybe thought she was a bit close!
I was contacted by Absolutely Herefordshire a local county magazine to write a piece on my beads, particularly my flowers so I have done that.  I have been making a few beads and trying to list a few on eBay as well as on Etsy its amazing how not having my routine due to my daughter being home from college and needing company in the car to work during the day etc., has messed up my working time, I am a creature of habit and next week won't be much better as my son will be here some of the time, although he is expected to go to the garage with my husband, so you just never know.
I am longing to get out in the garden, Winter is finally feeling like its losing its grip, its still boggy and wet but the snowdrops are out in force and the daffodils are starting to get bigger and the odd one as bloomed in some hedges I see walking to the river.
I have found a new addiction!  I never thought that I would enjoy embroidery but it seems I like the freedom to just sit and stitch and I have big plans!  I have caught up on a couple of commissions that I have had for ages, I am really bad at commissions and only do them for lovely friends I find I prefer my own muse so am not always happy at trying to interpret other peoples ideas.  I made it into the 8th Blog Soup Party so I will be looking forward to that I did enjoy last years and this year is just one reveal date so hopefully the momentum will not be lost, it was a bit lost last year as there were three reveal dates and I was in the third.   So I will end this blog with just pictures of my week.

Duck for cover!

My first attempt at bead embroidery, it has a few points to learn from but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Glass flowers that are my current muse.

Two little cat and dog commissions, I am loving the orange colour glass as the moment.

Just a few bits and a rare piece of jewellery!!
Right off out whilst the sun shines.


Kat Newman Jewellery said...

Oooh embroidery :) another passion of mine! (Yurp, long list!!!) I insist you check out 'Inspirations' magazine, you will love love love it :) They have a fb page too. Adoring your beads, esp those pink flowers!! Xxx

RedSetter said...

Your beads are absolutely wonderful and so impressive. It is fabulous to hone your craft but also great fun to diversify into new crafts so well done with the embroidery. I always think what a shame for new and P plate drivers as it is a skill just like anything else and not crowding or hassling them lets them gain their confidence. I just cant understand why people are so intolerant. We were all learners once as no-one came out of the womb driving even if the mother did feel they were passing a Volvo estate!

Izzybeads by Laney said...

LOL RedSetter...passing a Volvo estate! I think my daughter must have been the size of a family hatchback.

Izzybeads by Laney said...

Ooo Kat ta, off to look...

Elaine Thornton said...

Loving the orange too, hun!! Those pink flowers are a bit of alright as well.xx

Driving lessons I have that to look forward to this year -- June she hits 17 and thats the first thing she wants to do so better start looking for instructors! As for othe AH's on the road, well we wont go there!!!!

Enjoy the good weather in your garden xx

My Garden Diaries said...

Your jewelry is just a gift! I am so amazed by your work! And how absolutely wonderful that you were asked to write a piece for the magazine!! Well done! You had me chuckling when you were talking about your routine being thrown off by your daughter being home!! And I am so glad that spring is showing its face somewhere! We will be experiencing very cold weather for a bit yet! A wonderful week ahead to you!! Nicole

Eugenia Maru said...

Te estas haciendo famosa, ahora escribes para revistas.
Lindos tus trabajos y paciencia con hija y Rosie.
Pronto llegara la primavera para ustedes, y para nosotros el otoƱo.
Un abrazo

Nancy said...

So you have to share what P plates are. Never heard of them!