Friday, 28 February 2014

From dog towels to coal buckets.

The rain has been off and on this week, we have had spells of sunshine and I promised I would dig over my veggie plot again, but didn't. This morning the dog walk was through the veils of rain and poor Iz does suffer with soaking wet fur, Defi dries off almost immediately but poor Iz has to suffer being wrapped in a couple of towels to soak up the worst of the water.

 I had my car MOT'ed failed...but only on minor points so hubby can sort those out next week at the garage, I am using my daughters fabulous Rosie car and so I don't use  my big Penny the Peugeot Estate much, Rosie is nippy and fits into all those small spaces.  I have always named my cars, the kids think I am mad, but that doesn't stop my daughter from calling 'her' car Rosie.

 Daughters driving is improving, we have been out and about a bit more, she is still very hesitant when the daylight goes but we only had one shouting match, her to me, at some traffic lights when she couldn't stop stalling Rosie and got herself in a flap. 

I have been in the studio making more flower beads and loving every minute of it.  There is something about making flowers that makes me think of Spring and cheers me up.  In the evening I have been playing with seed beads and doing some bead embroidery and loving it.  I finished my first bead embroidery pendant last night, I used one of my lampwork cabochons and spent several hours in front of the telly of an evening this week placing small beads close together, its so relaxing and therapeutic.


And I will leave you with this photograph from this morning of our Gordy who took to sleeping in the empty coal bucket, empty of large pieces of coal but not of coal dust.....he does make me smile.


  1. Lovely pics of your gorgeous furry family members! I love those rosehip and blackberry beads too!

  2. love your beads-so glad your daughter's driving is improving-enjoy your weekend

  3. Such beautiful beads friend! The colors are just stunning! And I have always named my cars too! They have been with me to many Greta got my friend and I up the mountains in Colorado! Love the pictures of your furry friends! Especially Iz wrapped on the towel! Lovely weekend to you! Nicole

  4. Love your berries and your embroidery is fabby Laney

  5. Your pendant is just awesome. I love it


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