Friday, 17 January 2014

Wishing for sunshine

I am wishing the Winter away, especially this rain, more expected today what a gloomy forecast, the fields can't take anymore rain and the drains are bubbling and gurgling at full capacity.  I always find I am drawn to bright reds and yellows and oranges when the winter starts closing in on me.


If you go down to the beach today....wear your thermals its bitter here on the UK beaches this time of might find Doris Dragon in her yellow polka dot bikini with her shades on her very own sand dune complete with molluscs, seaweed, and star fish.
61 days and 16 hours until Spring...whose counting?


  1. Sexy dragon there Laney. All 'summered' up (not really sure if that's a word but Hey why not!)
    Looking good. I love those colours anyway but definitely brightens your spirits. Its a sunny day here right now but who knows what the weather will do next!!

  2. Oh forgot to say love the candle holder too, very niiiiice!!!! Xx

  3. love the colours on the candle holder


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