Sunday, 26 January 2014

Stair rods are falling.....

Can you believe the weather?  Its raining stair rods this morning the lane is flooded the garden is boggy and the dogs still want to go out and I don't want too AND I have a hole in the side of my wellies!!  I suppose I ought to go really all that diet and exercise rubbish and I have just eaten a full English breakfast.
I never make New Years Resolutions, don't really think they do much other than when you are in your late teens and alcohol is fuelling those fabulous ideas at 5 to midnight but this year I decided to make a quiet I didn't tell a soul...... but I decided to diet.  Nothing too drastic, just a cut out of this here and cut down of that there and no drinking on a week night...that didn't last!  I did excel myself this time though and my diet did last longer than before.  Before, I made it to lunchtime this time I actually did a whole day!
I am still drinking on a week night.
Its the end of January and I haven't stood on the scales but I just know that nothing has been lost...dieting is over rated I was destined to live as a beauty from the 19th Century all buxom and curvy.
Edgar Degas The Opera Singer
Edgar Degas is one of my favourite painters, I love the work of the Impressionists and none of the models are twigs!
Hippy and happy...and heading out into the stair rods!


  1. enjoy life as it is - be healthy and be you - the rest is hype

    1. Hear hear Tomcat besides I can turn the heating down and save money with an extra 'natural' layer :P

  2. Live love and laugh Laney. Life is too short x

    1. Jane I believe seeing your photos and you are lovely and slim, but seeing as you have a nice cat and are a lovely lady I will forgive you :P x


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