Saturday, 25 January 2014

The beginning.....

Years ago when I was first married I kept a diary, a bit hit and miss but more consistent than my blog, full of daily musings, trials, errors, tears and giggles.
I was walking this morning, as normal, down at the river and decided my blog needed an overhaul, as you do when you wrapped up in layers of jumpers, hats, scarves and gloves...and its not that cold today so I did end up doing the usual strip tease half way across the fields and trying to stuff gloves, hats and scarves into limited pockets on a chunky jacket the overall effect making me look even fatter, frumpier and definitely lumpier.... so there I was stripping off, losing dogs in the bushes and almost ending up face down in the sloppy mud when Roxy the lurcher (not mine) came racing towards us on the narrow part of the walk between the orchard and the sheer drop down to the river, to play with Defi (mine).  Much mud splattering later, three dogs happily covered in slob and sludge with tongues hanging out, I said good bye to Roxy's lady - I don't bother to learn the names of the humans! - and carried on with my musings.
Did a blog really need lots of pictures?  Did my blog really mean to be a blog to promote my glass and art?  Can't I just chat to myself, muse away and try and rekindle the diary of years ago, but this time bore the pants of the world and share it?
So I made a decision to not  use this blog as a platform for advertising my 'stuff'...but if you want to look check out my Etsy shop  or my beads in my Ebay listings - old habits die hard!  Instead I am going back to basics and swopping pens and old journals for this old laptop covered in drool...that's the cat not me, he dribbles part of his 'condition' or disability, call it what you will, I just call him Gordy.
Just so you are well aware and can switch off at anytime, I am boring with a capital B...dull as dishwater as my husband is quite fond of saying, the bins go out more than me, and they do!  If it wasn't for the daily dog walk down at the river I would be akin to a vampire and never see sunlight mind the dreary grey days at the moment I am a bluddy vampire anyway when was the last time we saw sunlight?
Now my kids have grown up...which is a contradiction in terms at the moment as my 20 year old son and I are at a stand off and not speaking which leads me to wonder how old he is as he is acting like a 6 year old that has been told no you are not having sweets now they have grown up and I really only do the usual nagging (limited nagging if you ask me, horrendous amount if you talk to anyone inside these walls) climb the mountain of washing, which stinks to the heavens as my son is a farm labourer and apparently its quite fine to dump your clothes with cow poop on the floor of the utility room leaving the door open so the dogs and the cat can enjoy sampling the free treat and I can then nag (I don't think so!) oh yes and wash! ...don't even get me started on the daughter...but then we are friends at the moment, mind that can all change in a heartbeat too. now I have more time on my hands I tend to hide in my shed and melt glass, when I am not procrastinating, which is another favourite of mine, or faffing with Iz, Defi and Gordy.

So, I am not very adventurous...ok I did dye my hair purple just recently but other than that nothing more exciting than choosing whether to wear the pink wellie socks or the black ones...thermal socks .....warm toes....I know how to live.

Of to the shed.



  1. As you well know Laney my Journal has been bumping along for nearly 4 years now and I love sharing everything on it, hobbies, gardening, cards, Billy, really is a great diary of the last 4 years. Great to see you back blogging more regularly as you always make me smile ....and we have been Ebay buddies even longer! Enjoy creating in the shed. Happy Saturday, hugs xx

    1. I love your blog Jane its wonderful and perfect with a cup of tea :)

  2. What a fun post. I love your sense of humour and your ability to write so well. I will continue to follow you to see where your musings take you.


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