Friday, 10 January 2014

Time flies

New year already where did 2013 go?

I have some big plans for 2014 don't we all in January?  I want to do so many things creatively and now I have found my niche in my art I am ready to exploit it further.  After years of being true and slavishly following photo realism my drawing has taken on its own way and my doodles have become art in themselves and I want to do more.  The stories that I attach to the beads and consequently to the drawings or is that the other way around...seem to have found their own momentum away from the reality that is life and into their own world of fantasy and the childhood world that never grew up maybe there is a book in me after all that would be a dream for filled for me.

1 comment:

Elaine Thornton said...

Wonderful! Book yep why the heck not! I keep thinking about it but not sure if I'm up to it, its a bit of a dream for me too - one day eh!!