Friday, 19 July 2013

Impressionism, Light and Summer sunshine.

I write the daily blog for Craft Pimp and today I decided to write about the light, its the summer sunshine it does that to me, that and I have brought out my pencils due to the heat as I can't turn my torch on unless I want to be a puddle on the floor!

Thought I would share what I wrote with 'my' blog readers.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


Impressionism.  Its all about the light.

With this fabulous few weeks of hot summer, bright sunshine and long days, its been wonderful to enjoy wearing less clothes, eating outdoors, BBQ's and being a bit lazy if I am totally honest, but the best thing about these days, for me, is the light.

I love painting and wish I could paint like the Impressionists, all that light and colour.  Renoir used light and colour for movement in his paintings, Monet used colour and broken lines to capture the essence of the subject, allowing the eye of the viewer to mix the colours.  English Impressionist painters like J W Turner known as the 'painter of light' and John Constable his paintings full of feeling, used the impressionist style to give art a modern view of life, the here and now.  The style is evocative, energetic, lively and full of light.

Summer sunshine always reminds me of these things, life, light, spontaneity, energy and the ability to do anything we want if we just let ourselves go!

Our very own Jill Egan of Kiln Fired Art her brush strokes bring still life to life with her use of the light!
Jill from Kiln Fired Art Craft Pimp Team
I found this painter Robert Hagan whilst looking at Impressionist Painters on the web, his work is romantic and light.
Robert Hagan Australian Impressionist Painter

Zhaoming Wu is one of my most favourite modern day impressionist painters, his brushstrokes are just like pure magic on a canvas.
Zhaoming Wu

I could list so many other Impressionist Painters that I love, in so many mediums but this is just one blog, maybe next time.

Enjoy your weekend, don't forget the sun cream and watch out for bitey bugs!!

Laney x

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