Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Giraffes Gallery

I do love Giraffes.  Here are some of my favourites

From Pinterest, a wonderful place for inspiration

Giraffe on Pinterest.com
This fabulous sock monkey is made by a very old friend of mine, she helped to deliver my son nearly 20 yrs ago!! 

Nikki's Giraffe

This Giraffe is one of mine, he is now sold and living in America where he is making his new owner smile!

Keep smiling :)


  1. Giraffes are my son's fave Laney and his first soft toy was a bright yellow one which got named Yellow Horsey...no idea why it wasn't Yellow Giraffe..LOLOL. I love them too,, such gentle giants. Great photos and your bead was amazing x

    1. Yellow Horsey LOL :) I love giraffes they are so elegant and yet so giant.

  2. My favourite are giraffes too. The unusual patterning and there big gorgeous eyes are so fabulous! And Nikkis giraffe is so cute and yours too of course!


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