Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hubby brought me a new lens for my camera

Sometimes I could swing for the man, other times he comes up trumps!! 
My husband has been a misery with this weather, he doesn't do heat, but today my new zoom lens arrived for my camera, and its brilliant so I have completely forgiven him all the grumping he has been doing!! 
As you do I went around the garden snapping away, my only problem with it so far is that its quite heavy so a lot of the shots are not quite in focus, but its brilliant from far away I can get the most amazing shots, here are a few of the hundreds I took this afternoon.

The Hollyhock

My daughter and I had a few giggles.....
Pretending to sell her brothers car, its not going well....
The sun was in her eyes in this one with the infamous gap that has caused some issues with her and the dentist over the years, the outcome?  She kept it!
Seed heads from the Azaylia with what looks like dog hair!
The nose of my gorgeous Izabel
The very happy and pink tongue of my biggest baby, Defi
Flowers, no idea what they are they were cuttings from the MIL years ago and are dotted all around the garden, long green spikes with tall stems of yellow flowers
Red Hot Poker Flower, nearly there!!
This one is out of focus, but I love it, Defi turning circles and I am sure he is laughing, he was playing with my daughter

 Pink Roses
My beautiful Izabel, I have wanted photo's like this for years but my camera never focused that far away and she would move before I got to her

Close up of the Hollyhock


Kayleigh Sexton said...

Love all the photos Laney :D

Jolene Wolfe said...

Brilliant Laney, looking forward to seeing more of your pics

Laney Izzybeads said...

Thank you Kayleigh x

Laney Izzybeads said...

Thanks Jolene I might have to take it to the river tomorrow and get the photos of the swans :)

bead addict said...

Great pictures Laney. I love the one of your dog Izabel peeking through the leaves - so cute :-)

Laney Izzybeads said...

Thank you, I do love that one too, my Izabel is so beautiful but then I am a bit biased :P

Hope you are well been a long time since we had a chat. Lx