Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Glass bowls and hanging things...

I have been continuing with my experiments in fused glass and have a couple more bowls to show you.  First up is the Blue Water bowl, all those lovely blues.

Next is the Puddle bowl, it just reminds me of a puddle with all its reflections.

Then the 'hanging thingy'   A fused glass piece to hang somewhere special, the pocket on the front holds a little bit of water to put those flowers from a treasured little one. 

This is a fused drop vase that I made a while ago, I think it has potential for more experimenting.

Laney x

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  1. Just loving your fused bowls, still havent gotten around to having a proper go at fusing myself. Just one of those things on my list to do!! The list is still very long to get through and no time to do it!! Ha Ha!!


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