Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Winter blues, squelching mud and dumplings.

I don't mind Winter, as long as I am indoors!  My daughters birthday is the 22nd Dec the shortest day of the year (could be the 21st but I use her birthday) and after that its longer days, I really look forward to that the promise of sunshine and long days in the garden.

I like driving in snow as long as no one else is on the road and I love deliberately skidding in the car down our icy lanes, I love the feel of the slide, only if no one else is around though and the only thing I can hit is the hedge!  I would really like to have a go on a professional skid pan and I am determined one day to do doughnuts complete with smoke and squealing tyres.

I love coal fires and drawing the blinds when it gets dark so its all snug and cosy, long hot soaks in the bubbly bath with a good book, thick stews with dumplings and thick baggy jumpers that hide the rolls consistent with eating too many dumplings!  I am not so keen on wet stinky dogs after a trudge through sludgy fields, even though I quite like the sound of the squelch when the wellie boots sink in the sludgy mud.  I hate cold feet, but love a tingly cold nose feeling and I hate the fact that my clothes are dried in the tumble dryer and not on the line.

Today though the sun is shinning and the little robins are perched up on the leafless trees and singing loudly, I had a nice walk down by the river with patches of frost on the less exposed areas of grass, Defi rolled in the muddy puddles and chased the birds across the empty field, the only noise heard was that of the robin and the squelching of the mud.

Prints of 'Please don't disturb me' are now available to buy at Canine Cavern all designed and drawn by me.



Ramble Bunny said...

Ah Laney a lady after my own heart ,coal fires and snuggly jumpers crisp mornings and lots of broths stews and yes dumplings yum.My 2 little terrors (terriers) are called mud buckets in autumn and winter as being low to the ground they are usualy covered i mum from top to tail by the time we get back from ourr walks.Every season has its beauty if only people could see,and yes i love winter too,now i'm just rushing off to make some dumplings lol xx

Ramble Bunny said...

lol that would be covered in mud then not mum lol

Abyjem said...

just a child at heart really Laney! I'm with you there - coal fire, draw the curtains and snuggle down with the dogs & cats - perfect.

Jane said...

I love Winter Laney but just hate the lack of daylight. Your drawing is amazing..you have so much talent ;0) x

Laney Izzybeads said...

You mean purr-fect don't you Faith? x