Sunday, 15 December 2013

Saturday at the Old Museum in Beacon.

I do a one day fair and then feel like I have been run over by a train the next day, this isn't the first time either...anyhow...

Yesterday I was in Brecon, on my own, so I got up at 6am and left the house for 6.45am - I had to get diesel and you do get some funny looks at petrol stations at that time in the morning! Brecon is about 45 mins from me so by the time I got my diesel and poottled over there it was almost 8am and the sun was coming up.  The Old Museum is on the outskirts of Brecon and hasn't been used in years and years and is undergoing some refurbishments, its down a one way street, a busy one way street, on double yellow lines.  So I had to dash in, unload and dash back to the car park, which was lovely to find that in Brecon they don't charge in the car parks between 7th and 24th December...its free...well after 10am...the traffic warden did come and tell everyone to put 50p in the meter so he didn't have to give them a ticket, which was jolly nice of him, nice smiley traffic warden too, only get those in Wales!

The Old Museum was half finished in its refurbishment so lots of paint pots and half painted walls....still I unpacked and set up.  It was a busy day, lots of people through the door and although I did well and had a lovely day others didn't do so good, so I was lucky as lots of people didn't mean lots of spending which is the way at the moment I think anyway.  Still, I had a nice day.  It was in conjunction with Marie Curie so there was mince pies and nice mulled wine, which at 1pm and bluddy heating and lots of 'holes' in the walls still!...I did have a nice little nip to keep out the cold...would have been rude not too  :P  The weirdest part of the day was feeling like a foreigner. I love Wales and I love the lyrical way of speech, I spent a couple of my teenage years in S. Wales and do speak the odd word (and Welsh St David's day song about the four princes  ;) ) but not enough to converse, but everyone in Wales (more or less) speaks English and although I could talk to everyone the strong accents made my little English one sound very strange  ;D

I have started to do a few local fairs on my own, hubby setting up his business and still working at the other one and as I am a bi-polar sufferer with years of depression problems which have left me with a big problem of being able to cope on my own without a nervous breakdown,  I am finally.. I think and hope.. coming to the end of 30 yrs of being 'ill', a real achievement for me, still, its a hard slog getting up at daft oclock, driving (I max it to 1-1.5 hours from home that's enough for me on my own and the day too) unloading, setting up, packing up, reloading and driving home, glass is a heavy medium!  The rain came down in the afternoon which did really signal the end of the day, but that was around 3.30pm and the hardened Welsh were still coming in...dripping...and spending a few pounds and supporting the local community which was a real treat as you don't get that everywhere.  The fair was due to finish around 5pm but at 4 ish everyone was packing away and I did manage to get away for just after 5pm and home for just after 6pm, which was a bit hairy driving in flash flooding - something else Wales gets more than its fair share of! - down the dark and windy A438 with strong winds and driving rain, still it was a lovely day and I met some truly lovely people and have been given the opportunity to become part of more wonderful fairs next year in my local (Wales!) area which is great as I am cutting down the bead fairs which are just too far away, these fairs I can do on my own and finish a product which is something I would like to do, not so much of the jewellery even though I found I am not the only one that likes fried eggs in me ears  ;D ;D

Today I am not doing much!  I will be tidying up and vegging and collecting girlie from work and veggin' some more.

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Laney x


  1. Oh Laney,you amaze me, you are one very brave woman,i used to suffer from panic attacks and could barley leave the house,my Dad was Bipolar so i know a tiny bit of how you feel.God the thought of driving all that way on my own and holding a stall and everything would still put me in a spin.Since i had my accident i have found myself going out less and less on my own (naughty) But after reading this i really intend to try much harder in the New Year.Your lovely creations always always put a smile on my face and whenever i go to Mums and see her flowers which she loves and has next to her on their own wee table i think how talented you are.Hurrah for you keep on doing lovely and i will try and be as brave as you,and as always you have made me smile this morning thankyou hugs Lucy xxxx

    1. Hi Lucy you say the nicest things x Its only been the last 18 months or so that I have been brave enough and I see get a mild panic when setting off but its getting easier, having an 'illness' without scars is very hard, not everyone understands mental illness. I meet someone with problems nearly every time I go out, I am not proud and tell the world (now I never used too!) and hopefully a few more people will get brave and try to overcome such a debilitating illness, we do tend to lock ourselves away and its a lonely time, hope you can be more adventurous next year, small steps and you can always give me a shout if you are worried and need a pep talk or smile. Lxx

  2. Fabby blog as always Laney - and you are a very inspiring lady. Supportive of all those around you, and those farther away, despite your own problems. xx

  3. Well I didn't know about your illness, but if you would like to come a little further this way anytime I could always come along and help you on your stall. I kinda want to start my own stall but I just cant seem to get enough stock together at the moment. I am always happy to come and see you at shows but if you need help give me a shout! Don't think I can go all the way to Wales but I am happy to drive a couple of hours to get to places.

    I really mean it!! 80))

    E xx

    1. Hiya Elaine, not many people realize that I am a sufferer I have come a long way in 30 yrs LOL, I have been so lucky to have a wonder and supporting hubby. Look forward to seeing you at a few fairs in the New Year Lx


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