Saturday, 21 December 2013

18 years gone in a flash!

This is my daughter, Charley-Jennifer and tomorrow 22nd December she will be 18, I can't believe that time has gone so quick!
I have been looking back at some photos from long ago and found these ones...
This one was taken when Charley was 2 days old, she is being cuddled by her big brother, the same big brother that will be 20 on 31st December..yes my birthday is March!
Charley was a big baby all 8lb 13oz with a mass of jet black hair.

That same jet black hair was white blonde 18 months later.  Ben, the big brother, is seen here on his John Deere tractor with the hay bales in the field behind the house we were living in in Burley Gate Hereford, the first house we lived in when we moved up from Kent where both the children were born, who knew that 20 years later that same little boy would be driving the enormous John Deere tractors and baling the hay, only his tractor today is red and considerably more dirty!

Happy birthday to my youngest baby for tomorrow, its nice to go down memory lane sometimes even if you come across one of yourself looking fat!


  1. How lovely Laney, many congrats to your dear grown up now. Just fab photos x

    1. Thank you Jane, it is a milestone coming up 18 just can't believe it has happened so quick!

  2. Awww, you both look lovely - happy birthday Charley:) She'll hate me, but you really do look alike!


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