Saturday, 29 June 2013

Painter's Palette

I have been busy in the studio experimenting with fusing glass.  I went through a moment of thinking I should sell my fusing kiln, but something stopped me, I glad that 'something' did as I have rekindled my love of cutting glass and forming new structures. 
Its nice to make something beautiful and functional.
The first success has been this bowl, which I have named the Painters Palette for its colours, the shape and one arty 'hole' in the glass - purposefully designed! - that is so like the thumb hole on a palette, it reminds me of my much loved wooden painters palette I used when I was painting, those days before glass found me.
Painters Palette Fused Glass Bowl on Etsy
Painters Palette in this great treasury this morning

I have been slumping some glass over a new mould I brought from Creative Glass Guild in Bristol, I will get round to experimenting with different shapes, these candle holders are just lovely, perfect for that summer evening when the twilight looms but its still warm and you are sitting outside with that glass of wine......

Have a great weekend, hope the sun shines for Wimbledon!
Spot the cat.

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  1. I love the blue candle holder, you are such a clever lady you know!!!


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