Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Down at the river.....

The swans have had their babies.  I have been watching them for weeks, then the bad weather came and although I could still see the mummy swan sitting on her nest, I couldn't see much through the rain and hail.  This morning, I saw the babies, not the ugly ducklings I was expecting but beautiful almost white with flecks of grey feathers still on their necks, they were very curious and came to see Iz and Defi swimming in the river, mummy and daddy swan where a bit cross and charged across the river to make sure their babies were alright.  There were nine babies in total.  Unfortunately I only had my camera on my mobile phone so the pictures are not brilliant.  I will take my camera proper tomorrow and see if I can see them again.
Also a picture of Mr Toad, he is enormous and was sat right in the middle of the path in the wooded area at the river.  I took his picture a few weeks back but only just found it on my phone!


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