Saturday, 1 June 2013

History Hop Reveal

This is the second blog hop, History Hop, organized by Leah from Beady Eyed Bunny that I have been involved in.  This challenge is to pick an era from history, from a list Leah has provided, this was the list...

I choose Maori.
Maori culture is seeped in mythology, legend and stories.  I love stories! 
Rather than try and make my piece fit a traditional legend, I decided to find a legend I liked, that I could create with the glass and go from there.  This is what I came up with.
Can you guess the legend?  Do you want the story?
Sit comfortably and we will begin.
Once upon a time..............
there was a donkey (he is supposed to be white but I wanted a browny coloured donkey!) and a black horse who lived in the jungle and every few days, they would ambush each other.
This became quite tedious for all the other animals, all that braying and neighing.  The Donkey and Horse would be at it from morning to night.

I gave my horse and donkey boxing gloves ;)
The monkeys, the giraffes, the hippos and all the other animals in the jungle complained to God and Goddess of the jungle

...the God and Goddess where most fed up with all the complaints, but most of all with the donkey and horse.
The God and the Goddess, shouted to the horse and the donkey, 'come with us'.  So the donkey and horse followed the God and Goddess back to the their jungle tree house.  They talked and argued about the behaviour of the donkey and the horse, and finally sent the horse and donkey outside whilst they, the God and Goddess, decided on a punishment.
Some time later, the horse and the donkey were called back into the tree house, where upon the God and Goddess, clapped their hands and joined the horse and the donkey together.  And that's how the Zebra got his stripes.

The Maori, also like to use natural elements in jewellery, bone, shell, wood etc., so I have used shell and precious stone chips in jungle greens to go with the beads that tell the story of how the Zebra got his stripes.
Thank you Leah x
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Laney x


  1. Great story Laney! Love your beads.

  2. Grat story! I love the green stones and shell with your lampies. Thank you for joining again. :)

    1. Thank you for organizing the blog hop, count me in for the next one :)

  3. I love stories. What a fun and beautiful necklace. Of course the lampwork beads are just incredible. I don't know how that necklace could not make people smile from ear to ear!

    1. Thanks Liz. I love legends and myths and I love beads, its a winning combination :P

  4. fabulous, I'm very smiley after reading about your necklace

  5. Fantastic to hear the story behind this wonderful necklace, love your lampwork beads.

  6. Great work! I love the fact that you incorporated the character beads into your work.

  7. Hi Laney, What a fab idea to tell a Maori story through the medium of a necklace! I like how the Zebra is the focal and then the other beads 'tell the story' behind him. A really fun design :-)

  8. Brilliant story and a brilliant design! Love it! x

  9. Absolutely delightful! I love storytelling--what a clever idea to use a necklace to do so! And, of course, the beads are lovely. Wonderful work! :D

  10. I love your glass pieces the necklace is lovely.

  11. Love the story beautiful necklace too

    1. Thank you Sheila, I love legends and myths :)

  12. Fantastic work Laney. It is brilliant to tell the story in your necklace. This really made me smile, enjoy your evening xx

  13. I love the story behind your piece - it really makes it that much more sensational!

  14. Great story, and I love how you have interpreted it!

    1. Thank you beadrecipes, I do love a good blog hop ;)

  15. Very beautiful story,I love story tell and your necklace and all components are incredible gorgeous. With smiling on my face this sunday morning now, I know how Zebra got his stripes. Thank you so much Laney. Solange

    1. Thank you Ahowin, you say such lovely things. Lx

  16. I really liked the story, I told it to my little sister and she laughed. The beads you created are adorable and the necklace is just gorgeous.

  17. A great story and ♥ such beautiful beads make a wonderful necklace...

  18. *LOL* What a fun piece and story!


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