Friday, 8 March 2013

Grey days and Chickens.

Today in Hereford, its grey, misty, dreary and a little depressing, considering its early March.  After a very wet walk down at the river this morning, followed by a vigorous hosing down and cleaning up of the dogs when I got back, I turned on the heater in the studio, and had a couple of hours pottering about in there.  Coming back into the house I walked past this trio, and they waited there until I could grab the camera and take this snapshot from the window in the hall.
My studio is left of these wooden chairs, which see alot of sitting on in the summer, and to the right of them is my veggie beds, hence the sitting on in the summer, admiring my lettuces and such, but over winter they languish under the grey skies and turn that lovely silvery colour with touches of green...and chickens!
From left to right, Dirty Gertie, EveryReady Looky Likey and Frankie, who was originally totally black feathered and now white as snow.

Two of my veggie beds, waiting for veggies, we have one of the Maran girls (there are two but they are just the 'Maran girls' and Big Red, the oldest member of the chook coop.

Not the best pictures of the week, but they made me smile!
Laney x


Leah Curtis said...

Aww, what sweeties! Your chooks look very happy. Hope to have some chickens one day. :)

Jane said...

I would so love to have chooks in my garden Laney, what fun! Keep dry it's raining here too but at least it is so much lighter ;0) x

Laney Izzybeads said...

You won't regret keeping chooks Leah, they make me laugh, today they have been running away from the funny!

Laney Izzybeads said...

Hi Jane, you garden would be ruined! Its so beautiful with all those lovely flowers, I had to trade my flowers for hardy shrubs, I do love my girls but they will eat anything pretty!