Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bumble bees and Mondays

Back from the bead fair in Harrogate, was good fun, as always.  Lovely to see like minded beadie people and talk beads and patterns and colour all weekend, and me and the husband get to have a few nice meals and bottles of wine with the kids taking care of the homestead!  Its rather a nice get away, but Monday morning always makes me feel exhausted.  The kids might look after the homestead, but its never quite have I like it...fussy me?...never!  So, I spend the day catching up with washing - my daughter only does her own! - and wiping down the kitchen sides properly, not that you can tell the kids, they do it in their teenage, hap hazard way, but they try, which is always nice and taking the dogs on a nice long walk, which is good for me and for them, then I try to sort out some beadie stuff and light the torch, as I am usually getting withdrawal symptoms.  Yesterday, I decided to have another go at making a video for Youtube, hubby brought me a new memory card for the little recorder and so I went into the studio and made a video on how I make a bumble bee bead.

Click here to take you to the video.  Enjoy.

Laney x


Jane said...

How brilliant to see that bee come to life Laney, you make it look far too simple...I had a try making a round bead once and I know just how difficult it is.Glad the fair went well and the house was still standing when you got home ;0) Have a restful week, it's glorious here today...really Springlike xxxx

Laney Izzybeads said...

Hi Jane, and thank you. Its been glorious here today too, sun out, sky blue, warm and lovely, hope it stays but just heard on the radio, all set to change back to wet and dreary :(, still was nice while it lasted!!

Anonymous said...

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