Monday, 11 March 2013

Birthdays and hangovers.......

Soooo, here in the UK this last weekend was Mothering Sunday,  held on the 4th Sunday of Lent.  I was doubly lucky this weekend as the day before Mothering Sunday, Saturday was my birthday and my daughter brought me a fabulous birthday gift. 
I am a real child at heart and as I can't cook or bake, honestly my cake baking is banned in the house and hubby usually threatens to leave home if I offer to cook, my cakes could double up as house bricks and most certainly break your jaw should you attempt to eat one, so my daughter takes this occasion to either make me a cake or buy me one from the childrens party cake section in our local supermarket.  I love both.  This year she didn't have time to make me one, so on her way home from college collected this fantastic hedgehog cake called Hugo

Isn't he just fabulous?
Hugo was lovely with flake chocolate spikes and fudge feet, the eyes I have no idea as my son had those, but he did say they were delicious.
After the cake, the hubby and I opened a bottle of wine, one turned into two bottles and two bottles turned into three!  We were legless, which is a rare thing for him as he rarely drinks, but we did have a giggle.  I wasn't giggling so much the next day with a monster sized hangover, I most certainly was not 21 again!  but I did get the opportunity to sit quietly, VERY quietly, and finish my beaded dog.
I am still very much a new seed beader, but enjoying the learning.  I have combined my lampwork beads, a dog head and four glass paws and really just made it up as I went along, I am rather impressed with him.
Tomorrow I am off down to Middlesex to visit a lovely friend and melt some of her glass, of which she has loads and loads of new and exciting glass.  Hopefully the snow will hold off and tomorrow will be sunshine and blue skies.
Laney x


CyndraArts said...

My mum used to make me a hedgehog cake every year for my birthday! Bit different to yours but still had the flake spikes :D Now I'm too old for a hedgehog cake apparently :( geeeee, I'm only 22! Very glad you had a fun birthday :) x x

CyndraArts said...

I don't know how to get my phone to post from my new blog account thingy! Grrr.

carol cheaney said...

love the beaded dog :)

Sue 'Sooz' Simmons said...

Hi Laney, I have awarded you a blogger award :)

Laney Izzybeads said...

Morning Sooz, thanks for the award I will sort that out later, just had a look at the questions and going to think of my answers :P