Friday, 22 July 2011

Halloween in July

Well its been a while!  I have been quietly busy making new beads.  I went through the 'bum' stage and back onto the flowers, I always find that this makes the next period of either 'bums' or 'flowers' more detailed, it must be that old adage 'a change is as good as a rest'.   I have been slowly listing some more items in my Etsy shop as well as doing the bead fairs.   I have a couple of weekends off from the fairs to catch up with stock and orders before the next one in Plymouth on August 7th.  So for now, a few pictures of what I have been upto and what has been listed in my shop.

The pumpkins are not in the Etsy shop yet, but will be, I took advantage of the sunshine today and got a photo!

And one final bit of good news, is that my beads are now available to buy through a lovely shop in Hereford, The Pedlars Tray and my jewellery is now available in The Qube Gallery in Oswestry.  See.  I told you I had been busy!


lynsey said...

Goodness you have been busy, these beads are all fantastic, congratulations on selling in the shop and gallery.
you're coming to Plymouth?! excellent will be great to see you at bead works fair (i'm assuming), still trying to wrangle that day off with my Boss, why cant he understand that beads are more important lol!!

Laney said...

Hi Lynsey, yep coming to sunny Plymouth!! Be great to meet you, hope you can get the day off. Men. What do they know :O) x