Monday, 25 July 2011

A head for flowers.

Autumn Fruits

Its something new for me.  Tiaras.  I was asked to enter a competition, open to all mediums.  I wanted to do a finished piece, as opposed to 'just' beads, but didn't want to make a necklace or bracelet, so I took a few days to think about it.  At first I was going to do something 'arty' like stitching the flowers onto a canvas to create a picture, but decided that my sewing skills are not good enough and eventually came up with tiaras, no sewing skills necessary!  This is the one that I am going to enter into the competition, a collection of Poppies, Blueberries, Acorns, Blackberries, Poppy seed heads and sculpted leaves.  My daughter modelled the tiaras for me, but I wasn't allowed to use her face...she had no makeup on!  I did get one with a smile though.....

Autumn Fruits Tiara with a smile!!  

 I made two tiaras.  This is the second one, even though it was the first one I made! 

Blue Roses

 I really enjoyed making these, even if my fingers were sore for days, all that wire wrapping! 

As the sun has been out over the last couple of days, making it actually feel like summer, I have taken a few pictures of my beads for putting on Etsy, the sun really makes a difference.  These are Meadow Cranes Bill.

Click here for link to Izzybeads Etsy shop

The sunshine really makes glass sparkle.


  1. Seriously beautiful!
    Love them all, so pretty and whimsical! x

  2. Glad to hear how successful and busy you have been Laney. Your beads get better and better, lovely work! Enjoy the sunshine,
    Jane x

  3. Thank you Jane x I have been enjoying the sunshine :D

  4. Tiaras are the perfect showcase for your flower beads! I love them!!!


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