Saturday, 7 January 2017

Art Elements Dragon Blog Hop Design Challenge.

If I am really honest I signed up for this blog hop, hosted by Niky of Art Elements, because I LOVE dragons and I wanted to see what everyone else made for the theme. 

I have made lampwork glass dragon beads since I started lampworking and they are still evolving...

Just this winter (2016/7) I have stumbled on a  new way to design the muzzles of my dragons and I think I will be evolving that in my future dragons.

Most of my dragons have a theme and they all have personalities and stories.

Dragons are so open to interpretation that each artist will create their own and on that note I am off to visit the blogs below to see more wonderful dragons in lots of different styles.


AJE Team


  1. I just love your dragons, so whimsical and loaded with character. I really will have to commission some dragons and doggies in the near future. Love your work!

  2. Your dragons are so cute and whimsical. You certainly were inspired. They are all so special!

  3. Love these cuties, Laney! I can't help but agree with Cathy and Kathy -- they're just so whimsical. :)

  4. Ok - so I was already in awe of your sculptural glass and then I watched the dog head tutorial. And now I look at the dragons, and my hares (Squee!) with more informed eyes. Oh. my. heavens. They have such expressive faces and personalities! And I find your companion stories utterly charming!

  5. If you look up the definition of whimsical art I'm sure some of your sculptural glass pieces would be there. The colors, the expressions, the names, the details - everything about your dragons is so perfectly whimsical. And all the more impressive that they were created with fire and glass.

  6. They're all gorgeous, especially Edgar!! I love how they all have their own story! :) x

  7. Oh my! Your little dragons are fabulous and have so much personality.

  8. Squee! They are so adorable!!!!!!!!


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