Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Turf Wars - one short story a day

Another short story from my walks with the dogs.  Taking something that happens once a day and turning it into a story.  Today the squirrels get their own back on Defi.
Turf Wars.

'Coo – eeeee' called Colin 'enemy in sight.'

'Right men' said Simon, strutting up and down resplendent in his camouflage suit 'on my mark...wait for my mark....Steven I said WAIT for my mark'

'I am not a man' grumbled Suzie 'just look at this fabulous tail, you don't get a fabulous tail like this being a man, oh no, all the men's tails have burrs in them and need a good wash, but this is a girls tail, just look at how all the hairs lie flat against each other, they shimm....'

'Shut up Suzie' growled Simon 'this is not the time to be a girl, its time to man up and take back the orchard.'
Suzie lowered her big beautiful brown eyes and her bottom lip trembled slightly, everyone around her hurried to their stations; there was a frenzy of activity as the small army scuttled about getting themselves ready to fire the enormous pile of acorns that were stacked against the old Oak tree. Simon held the telescope to his eye and from his vantage point in the Crow's nest he could see right across the apple orchard.

'Pay back' he muttered 'no more chasing us up the trees, no more barking in the early morning sunshine, oh yes' he chuckled to himself 'you are going to get it this time dog.'

Defi and Iz were strolling along happily, tongues lolling down to their knees, sniffing all the badger and rabbit holes and pausing occasionally to sniff the air above them.

'At the old Lime' called Colin from his perch in the midst of the bramble hedge, hidden behind the almost ripe blackberries.

'On my mark men...' whispered Simon through the branches, the leaves rustling slightly in the early morning breeze.

Defi stopped to look through he chain link fencing that surrounded the apple trees, 'NO DOGS ALLOWED' read the sign.

'Shame' thought Defi, 'wouldn't mind a bit of a sniff around all that sheep poo.'

He could just see the sheep in the distance, they were busy eating the long grass and not paying any attention to anything around them.

Iz had walked ahead, she turned and looked back.

'Come on slow coach' she grumbled 'the faster we get to the river the longer we get to swim before the swans get there and we have to get out'

'Coming' smiled Defi happily, 'Iz was always hurrying him along, still it would be nice to chase those ducks' he thought.

'ON MY MARK' came the call from above 'NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW'

Poor Defi didn't know what had hit him. The acorns pelted down on his head with the jeers from the jubilant squirrels as each acorn hit him squarely on the nose.

'Take that you beast' yelled Stephanie, 'you won't chase me again' she threw the biggest acorn in the bunch, and laughed loudly as Defi ran to hide next to Iz his big wagging tail between his legs.

'My brother lost his school bag because of you' shouted Sandy

'My mother nearly had a heart attack because of you' growled another voice from the top of the tree

'My dad wants your tail to hang above the fire place' yelled another angry squirrel

'Best run' said Iz quietly 'keep up Defi and don't stop until we reach the river'

Defi flew like the wind behind Iz, both of their tails straight and long, pointing out behind them as they dashed through the wooded walk and into the church yard before charging down the steep hill that leads to the river bank.

There was much singing in the trees behind them as the Squirrels jumped up and down in delight and Colin Pigeon coo'ed from his position in the hedge.

'..and keep your nose out of my burrow' called a small voice from beneath the old Oak, long whiskers and ears poking out from behind the muddy mound 'thank you Mr Simon.'

'My pleasure Mrs Rabbit' said Simon, strutting up and down the long branch that was the path to Mrs Crow's nest 'we taught that flea ridden hound a lesson all right'

'If you have quite finished with your petty squabbles' said Mrs Crow grumpily 'this nest doesn't keep itself you know.

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