Thursday, 14 August 2014

Extracts from a bikers diary.

My brother sent me this piece he had written, it arrived in my email box this morning.  It really is very funny and as I giggled my way through the vision of him fighting for survival with the rain lashing at his helmet, his motor bike splashing through puddles and the tryst with the pigeon, I wondered for which charity he was riding for. So I emailed him. 
She was the 14 year old daughter of my brothers friend.  She had been bullied.  The charity he was riding for was the Severine Hobbs Charity. (the link takes you to the newspaper article in which Severine's mum tells her story).
As a parent I loathe bullies and bullying, some kids sadly fall through the net and find themselves so low they turn to taking their own lives to end the misery.  Having lived through bullying myself as a child, from a wicked step mother, and then to cope when my children were bullied; my son for his dyslexia and ADHD by the adult in charge of the Primary School,  her duty of care being only to the statistics of her school and how well that reflected on her role as Headmistress.   My daughter from the boys in her year group when she was 13/14, for her big blue eyes that now attract those self same boys now she is 18 coming up 19.  I am lucky my kids pulled through and have become wonderful adults both of whom abhor bullying in any form, reading stories like Severine's just makes me realize how lucky I am and how easy it is to lose a child.

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RedSetter said...

That was some bike ride. Good on your brother for doing it, even though I question his sanity. Clearly you are both great writers and very funny.
Still baffled by the duct tape by his wife's bedside.....even excluding rude uses, (which would have to hurt!) why....?

My Garden Diaries said...

What a great writer he is!!! And being a former teacher I had no tolerance for bullying and made that very clear to every student who walked through the classroom door. I too was bullied and I will share that with my beans so that they know that it happens to people but that you can pull through. What an important message...thank you for sharing this! Nicole xoxo

Izzybeads by Laney said...

I wish I knew RedSetter, I can only assume that she uses it to shut him up when he goes on and on about his bike! Thank you for the lovely comment on the writing.

Izzybeads by Laney said...

Hi Nicole, thank you and I can't stand bullying either. I hope your beans never get bullied its a horrid thing to experience both as a child and a parent.