Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wordless Wednesday....

Well almost wordless, ask the husband I can't keep quiet for a second!
Yesterday the sun shone and I went out in the garden and pruned back the roses and shrubs and made this sparkly bright silver foil encased flower bead, it just sang with the sunshine that was beaming through the window, today we are back to misty and chilly, but on the morning walk I did spy a few brave faces....

This tree is so ethereal looking in the misty morning.

No matter what the weather there is always time to play.  Gordy has  not been himself the last couple of days due to his routine being upset with visitors, he doesn't do change very well, but this morning he was making up for lost time and trying to get Defi to play ball with him.


  1. Beautiful bead - stunning! I love the pics.

  2. Yes that tree is magnificent!! And oh your blooms are like pure joy to my eyes!!!! We got snow last night so there is nothing happening in our garden! That first shot is beautiful by the way! Happy day to you...Nicole

    1. Hi Nicole, snow...brrr...we haven't had any this year, there does seem to be early budding here because of it though.

  3. I'm loving seeing the burst of garden colour coming from the Northern Hemisphere blogs at the moment, just as our gardens are readying themselves for the colder seasons xo

  4. Awww!!! Li'l Gordy! he's so cute. Hope he's settled himself into his routine again, poor wee chappie. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for sharing that gorgeous bead! I know I keep saying 'gorgeous', but your work IS! You MAKE these awesome things!! That's so amazing. I have bead envy! Gonna go gaze at it again.... Hugs from Shroo:)x


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