Monday, 10 March 2014

Another year older.

 Well, that's another birthday done and dusted, another year gained and probably a few more pounds in weight due to the meal out and a beautiful collection of plants and flowers dotted around the kitchen and the living room...oh yes and decorating is to commence!
My birthday was yesterday, Sunday 9th March and I won't tell you how old I was but I am now well into middle age! 
I had a lovely visitors, my mother and my step dad came from Lincoln to Hereford to celebrate with us and to take us out for a meal.  I worked out that the last birthday I spent with my mum was when I was around 9 or 10, she shed a few tears on this one, but as I pointed out to her life throws us experiences and we learn from them, if my life had gone differently I wouldn't have met my husband had my kids or have a shed I love at the bottom of the garden where I make my glass flowers and animals.  I am happy to be at this age and where I am now, the road might have been rocky getting here, but, I got here in one piece.
 It was a wonderful birthday and I was lucky to share it with my mum, whom after many years of being estranged we are enjoying meeting up and having our experiences together as adults...einough of being maudlin....I can't wait to meet up at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford as soon as possible, I only made it half way round the museum on my last visit so it will be fabulous to go there with mum and Bob (step dad).
As well as some beautiful flowers that now adorn my dusty window sill in the kitchen, my mum made me this embroidered sampler....
The complete alphabet in tiny tiny embroidery stitches, each letter decorated with a flower that begins with that letter, the outside edge has a beautiful border of ivy leaves dancing around the letters.  This photo isn't a patch on the real thing, its really beautiful.  Its beautifully framed too and behind glass, all done by my step dad Bob.
The photograph below shows a close up of my initials L M, Lupins and Marigolds.

When my mum and Bob went back to their B&B to change for our meal out, I wandered around the house with my sampler looking for some where to put it.  I decided on above the fireplace in the kitchen.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen...not cooking!...on the laptop and beading at the table and I wanted it somewhere I could see it often.  We live in our kitchen its a huge space and although we have a fireplace in the living room we only use the kitchen one.  So I was just about ready to take down the pictures that are up there already and relocate them, when my husband said 'before you do that I will buy the paint and we will decorate the walls its desperately in need of decorating in here and we have been putting it off for years, we will do it this week' he says.
Thanks Mum!! 
It will look nice when the decorating is done.. just got to get on with it!

Gordy might not have much to do with visitors but the upset to his routine has seen him comatose today and snoring.
Iz and Defi managed to behave, just, Defi did jump in a big muddy puddle this morning on the walk when I did ask him not too so it was a quick shower with the hose for him, he does love visitors and constantly seeks a pat on the head and a fuss, my mothers lovely black trousers had layers of golden hair on them as they left. 

 Its nap time for our Iz, look at those tired eyes!
Even Defi has only made it to the dog bed, which is a first he usually is on the other end of the sofa to Iz.
I had the best birthday and spent it with lovely people eating nice food chatting and laughing and we won't mention the awful birthday photos of me, Bob tells me I have an expressive face....he was just being kind!!


  1. How lovely to be back with your Mum Laney, I cannot believe how many years you have been estranged for and I'm glad you have patched any differences. The sampler is just exquisite, what a perfect present. What a lovely birthday you had and don't worry about your age, you will never catch up with me ...LOLOL xx

    1. Thank you Jane x Its really beautiful and I very lucky. You just never know what life will throw at you but as long as its right in the end that's what matters. Hope that beautiful granddaughter of yours is growing big and strong x

  2. Happy Birthday, Laney. What a lovely reflective post that seems to have left everyone happy and satisfied. That sampler is utterly gorgeous and what a lovely thoughtful gift which you clearly treasure.

  3. Oh here I am from Texas to wish you a Happy Birthday a bit late. So fun that we share the same birthday date.... with a afew more years added to me. My forties were so amazing, and were like starting a whole new life. It was when I finished my masters degree and started a whole new career, started traveling alot more and so many other things. I am touched and thrilled for you that you have at least begun the road to reconnecting with your mother. I hope that you will both have much time to grow this estranged relationship. something that probably has to be done in baby steps. I was impressed with the beautiful embroidery that she gave you for your birthday, and could imagine, as a mother, how she was thinking of you with love on each stitch that she did. So congratulations to a fellow pisces, and I hope that your coming year will be one of discovery, love , and peace.... and FILLED WITH ADVENTURE. Thanks for stopping by my blog too and wishing me a happy birthday.

    1. Thank you Jeanne I am glad to hear that my 40's and that my life is going to be fantastic and filled with adventure, I can't wait LOL. The embroidery is lovely I keep looking at it just got to get the painting done!

  4. Belated happy birthday wishes Laney! I'm glad you had such a lovely day - and how great that you're back in touch with your mum. The sampler is a really beautiful gift, and as a hand embroiderer, I can imagine how much work - and love, would have gone in to it. Hope the coming year brings many more wonderful things for you! x

  5. Oh no cant believe I missed your birthday. I am so glade you had a lovely time with your Mum, I hope you have many more and her beautiful sampler is stunning. We artists come from clever parents you know! Come visit my fancy dress post and you'll see what I mean 80)) xx
    So Happy Belated Birthday wishes to YOU Xxxx♥xxxX


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