Monday, 30 July 2012

What a treat!!

Just been faffing about in the shedio, and came in to check on a firing schedule for my glass vase (yes I have big aspirations!) wandered back out to the shedio, doors all open, thankfully left the dogs in the house as we have just come back from down at the river and I wanted them to stay in the kitchen - its a bit drizzly here this morning - to dry off.  I went in the shedio, and nearly tripped over a black fluffy object, that scuttled away and hid behind my oxy-con. 
'Come here puss' I coo'ed
Out popped a little black fluffy MINK head!!  I had a baby mink in the shedio.
Called for girlie to bring my camera on the intercom (not posh just needed for when phone rings and hubby is in bed during day and for cups of tea  ;D ) she was the pace of a snail, quick obviously doesn't figure in teenage speak!  She eventually came with the camera, I crawled on hands and knees to get a pic, but the little critter just whizzed past me and girlie and shot out of the door, leaving a very musty scent in his wake.  What a treat! 
Anyone know how to get rid of mink musk smell from the shedio  ;D
This isn't 'my' mink but here is a pic from Google, had to Google to show girlie it wasn't a ferret!

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