Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Husbands, tubs of sweets and rocking pigs.

5kg of sweets!
Yesterday, my husband very kindly picked up our daughter from school, the rain was relentless and I was cold and in the studio making beads, he was up in time, he works nights, and so he went, to save me going in the rain.  Lovely, isn't he?  I mentioned in passing, if he was going past a shop, I had a real craving for something sweet and yummy.  Its the weather making me feel like this, like you should turn up the heating, turn on the telly and munch your way through high sugar foods until the sun comes back, of this I am sure.  Anyway, he didn't bring any sweets back, so I had to do without.


As I mentioned, he works nights, and later, around 9pm, he rang, as he always does, and said he had a present for me.  I got up this morning and there on the kitchen side was this enormous tub, 5 whole kg's, of my favourite sweets.  I have Love Hearts, Fizzy Cola sweets, Violets, Drumstick lollies and those two flavoured ones...oh yummy, I am gonna be soooo fat!  Isn't he sweet :D

On to beads....

 My Chinese Zodiac sign in the Metal Pig.  Metal Pigs are creative, the most of the Zodiac apparently, and hate housework...they got that bit spot on!  On the Craft Pimp forum, we are doing a monthly challenge, and my suggestion of Chinese Zodiac signs was decided to be the challenge.  This is all for fun, and over all the fabulous mediums that Craft Pimp promotes and has under one forum to speak. 
 Immediately I found out my sign was the Metal pig, I thought, Heavy Metal, Rock Music....
...leather jackets with names on, like the Pink Ladies in Grease...I sometimes wonder if I ever grew up!
Then, of course, is the gold earring!  All thats missing is the guitar and the band.  I have great plans for my band...Pigs...I think the next pig might have to be the Wood Pig, a hard working pig with a big heart...yup, Wood Pig is next to join the band!

Don't forget to check out  Izzybeads on Etsy shop, for pigs coming soon!

Laney x


Jane said...

What a sweetie, pardon the pun, your hubbie is. That pig is terrific, love the details especially that earring. Hope you got my email re those glorious beadies? Have a great bank holiday weekend Laney,
Jane x

Kitzbitz Art Glass said...

He is so cool! Pass me a sweetie then eh? :-D

Laney said...

Heheheeh...thank you ladies, hands off the sweets though ;O)