Saturday, 7 January 2012

End of the first seven days in Jan...

Its already 7th January 2012, can you just believe it, Christmas has been and gone, the New Year celebrations came and went, my kids turned 16 and 18, we all ate well, laughed lots and enjoyed being lazy, some more than others!! On the first of January, New Years Day, I lost Lithium one of my ex-batt chooks.  Sadly, she had been ill last summer, but never really recovered, still, she had nearly 2 yrs in the sunshine digging up the garden and rooting around in the compost.   


On a lighter note, I finally managed to clean the oven, just before Christmas.  It had taken me nearly a whole year of threatening to do it and about four months of having the stuff sitting on the kitchen side waiting to be used and gathering graffiti from the children, who delighted in my anguish at getting round to the one job I loathe with a passion..I don't even like cooking!  Still, I was very proud of my nice shiny clean oven, until this week, when it decided to go bang!!  Still, out with the old and in with the new, the new cooker arrives next Thursday and I have vowed to not clean this one as it was obviously what killed the last one!! 

As much as I tried, I never seemed to get to the torch as much as I would have liked over Christmas, a silly hand injury forced me to endure the rubbish on the telly, with decidely bad grace, even playing with the little seed beads - to which I have found fabulous fun in the evenings making long ropes of seed beads and beaded beads - I couldn't do, so I just sat and sulked in front of the telly.  But, I have been in the shedio a few times this week, so here is a little taste of what has been happening creatively, I have been loving making sculptural beads and decided that I am going to do those much more than the sets, unless I get the urge, as the sets just don't fill my creative spot! 


Hibiscus and buds

All of the sculpted flowers are large focals.  They are truly beautiful little works of art.  As well as flowers I have been making some fun sculptural beads, it is the year of the dragon this year after all...

Baby Dragon

Collie Dog-Rose

Dendrobatidae or Poison Dart Frogs - I just loved them for their colour!

So the end of the first week of the New Year hasn't been too bad.  Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season. 

Laney x


Jane said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your festivities Laney. Sorry to hear about Lithium but hey what a life she had with you. Your latest flowers are really works of art.....superb! Keep torching, you just get better and better....!
Happy New Year,
Jane x

Laney said...

Thank you Jane x I have been reading your blog so know you enjoyed your Christmas :O) Talk to you soon, and I just know that this year is going to be very special for you x

Caroline said...

Sorry about Lithium too Laney, it was a bad year for our girls too, hopefully this one will be better!

Love, love, love your hibiscus flowers, the colours are gorgeous! :)

Laney said...

Thank you Caroline. x