Friday, 20 January 2012

Colour and Doodles

Both kids off sick, Defi has wallowed in the mud and Iz had a dip in the river, not quite lunch and I am exhausted already! 

I found this fabulous inspirational picture on the internet, absolutely fabulous dont you think? - brilliant colours to make you mouth water.

I do love all thing quirky and colourful.  Just lately all my beads seem to have bums, googly eyes and a toothy grin, nothing like cheering up a dreary January.  Someone else who is quirky, and a member of the Craft Pimp Forum, is Inkydoodlecrafts.  She has an Etsy Shop with some fantastic fun and colourful greetings cards.  This is one of my favourites..Pirates Ahoy  She also has a blog and can be found here   Just click on the links to take you to the shop or blog, or click on the Craft Pimp Forum picture link at the side and join some fabulous crafting people.

I am off to hide in the shed and melt glass, anything to keep away from the bugs loose in our house!

Laney x


inkydoodlecrafts said...

Boo to sick kids :o(, nowt worse... Whoop to being called quirky, love it, thanks for the mention and I love that photo Laney. Have fun melting glass. Mel :o) xx

LisaS said...

Love those little frogs riding marbles! So unusual ;)