Friday, 3 June 2011

All the way from the US of A!!

A few months ago I did a wonderful project for a FB friend's daughter.  Flat Stanley - if anyone remembers Jackie Paper and Puff the Magic Dragon, Flat Stanley is a bit like that.  Flat Stanley came here for a visit and me and my daughter, Charley, took him around Hereford and took some photos to send back to Lauren, Maybeads, and her daughter.  Here is a photo Flat Stanley when he arrived in Hereford...this is our lane.

Flat Stanley comes to Hereford

Charley and I had so much fun, we took Flat Stanley to the library, the cathedral all over town and we did have such a giggle especially with the funny looks from passers by wondering what on earth we were doing!  We sent Flat Stanley back to America, but not before posting a favourite picture of him on our fridge.  The day before yesterday I received a fabulous parcel from America.  Sweets, pictures and stickers, a lovely card from Lauren's daughter, which is now pinned up in my studio, and some fabulous frit.  There was nothing else to do but test it yesterday so here are the results......

Parakeet frit with Red Roses

I love this one, its so summery and sweet, I think this one is 'Be Mine' frit

This chook is made using Outback frit.  I love the colours in this frit they are so dusty and remind me of Aboriginal paintings

So a huge thank you to Maybeads, and in her honour this chook is called Lauren!

I think this frit might have started a new craze for me, I have really enjoyed using it, even though I did end up with a burn't lip when a piece of molten glass, spat off the rod and sailed through the air landing on my lip...ouch! 


Maybeads said...

A chook named after me!!! I could not be happier! And you made it with Outback frit - I'm so impressed. It's beautiful! I really love the Be Mine set, just gorgeous and summery like you said. The Parakeet frit was the perfect complement to the red roses beads. I'm sorry you were injured in the making of these gorgeous beads. :(
I'm so glad you had fun with Flat Stanley! Thank you again for showing him around. You really made Jess' project so much fun!

Laney said...

Hehehe...the Be Mine set has gone to a loving home and the parakeet frit almost became the necklace I have in my head today, but time ran out! As for Flat Stanley...I miss the guy :O) Lx