Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year, New Plan!

Happy New Year to one and all!  I hope everyone had a fab time over Christmas and New Year.  We had a great time here, lots of food, too much drinking (but it was lovely ;O) ), good company and lots and lots of laughs.

My daughter turned 15 three days before Christmas and my son turned 17 on New Years Eve, so we celebrate lots here. 

Izabel had a lovely walk with her cousins up at the wood over Christmas.  It is so much fun when one of your cousins is a puppy!! 

from L-R, Izabel, Ellie (my neice and Izzy's favourite friend in the whole world, they do get into some trouble together!!), Nina and Jasper (the puppy Akita).

Now that I have a new website of my very own, and have re-opened my shop on Artfire, as well as my shop on Etsy, I am planning a big beady year.  I have lots of shows pre-booked throughout the year and am really looking forward to being productive.

Laney x


Jane said...

Ooo Laney that all sounds very positive, I look forward to all this and perhaps finally meeting you in the flesh at some point! It must be at least 3 years since I first bought from you?? I thought you might recognise one of the beads in my giveaway...the paler versions of that are in my fave winter bracelet, you have a great talent. Looking forward to another year of friendship.
Love Jane x

Littletreats said...

That all sounds very exciting :) what's the link for your website? Perhaps next year I can get properly organised with the being really beady thing... It always seems like I don't have enough time :(


Mrs Cake said...

I'm going to be stoney broke at this rate :) I love your sculptural characters ... esp the bums :D

Laney said...

Thank you Jane, and it would be lovely to see you this year, somewhere, sometime :O)

Littletreats, my brand new website is *waves*.

Mrs Cake, thank you, the bums are my favourite part :O)