Tuesday, 11 January 2011

An Artistic Question...??

Today, walking Izabel up at the woods, watching Spring trying really hard to be noticed, with the first buds on the trees, I wondered.  Is it really necessary to have a 'signature' bead or piece of art? 

While I was drawing and painting, I loved to use my coloured pencils to 'portrait' the animals around me, mainly dogs and cats, but, I also liked to be more abstract which eventually led to a more 'impressionistic' approach to large scale paintings of the woods.  Trees and flowers being a favourite, with seascapes coming in a close third.  When I found glass, I experimented with all kinds of styles of beads settling on encased flowers and, albeit, still very much still in the 'experimenting' stage, my worlds in glass.  Swirling layers of glass, giving a paperweight effect.  But.  I also have a love of whimsy.  When I was little I had a very special set of dogs, Snoopy style, in clear acrylic (probably plastic of some kind) with lilac ears, joined together with a cheap (probably plastic) gold coloured chain.  I loved them and I often think of them whilst making the whimsy creature out of glass.  The two styles of beads are so different.

Sammy Seagull

Lovesick Hound

A world in glass

Collection of Sculptural Roses and Hummingbirds
So, while today I am planning a 'whimsy fest' day at the torch, I will ponder this question whilst singing along (badly!!) to old classics on the radio and generally having fun. 

Art is supposed to make you smile....right?


Jane said...

I think every lampworker does have a style Laney and that makes you all very unique. Your "style" is both floral and whimsy so you have the best of both worlds. You will also never get bored of churning out the same old same old. I think whimsy and floral is a great combo! Keep torching...I must admit that the "world in glass" bead above is edible...love it!
I agree we are on the same wave lengths with our blogs today...roll on spring!
Jane x

Laney said...

Thanks Jane x I emptied my kiln this morning and have a delightful collection of cat heads, chocolate chicken and various goofy looking fish as well as a big floral!! Lx

Mrs Cake said...

Laney, I didn't know until recently you did the floral sculpture. And whilst looking at them analytically you could easily argue that they're very different or you can embrace the similarities :) I just wish I could buy them ALL...bumsocks included :D

Nic :) said...

Little Sammy Seagull rocks my world!
What an utter cutie! x

Jane said...

Hey Laney I have nominated you for the Liebster award, check it out on my blog!!Congrats! Jane x

Margret said...

those roses are divine! :)