Thursday, 5 August 2010

Its big but not big enough!!

nearly as big as Lorna's Chooky egg!!
How pleased was I today, when I collected our chooky eggs from the girls and saw Frankie 'perched' on top of the collection of fresh eggs.  She did look funny with this enormous egg poking out from under her, pushing up one side of her body.  Its not Frankie's egg but one of the ex-batt girls.  I rushed indoors and grabbed the weighing scales just to check that my friend Lorna's chicken still holds the record this week, for the biggest egg, her chook, Jalfrezi (they are all named after curries ;O) ) laid a whopper at 94g and she sent me a text photo to prove it!!  So Lorna, here it is, one of the ex-batts is giving Jally a rival for the title, 90g!!!!! week the titles ours!!

The Farmyard Button Series.
Keeping on the chicken theme I have some new lampwork buttons...Farmyard Series! Chickens, Cows and Pigs so far, but Donkeys, Horses, Sheep, Dogs and Cats all coming soon!! 

Laney x


  1. Wow Laney ,lovely ,I knew you would cheer me up ,Thanks !!!!!these buttons are beautiful one is definatley going on Eva`s Teddybear, I made her a bear with buttons on(tightly sewn)his name is Buttons (Yeah I know, an original name) and Eva is Dr doolittle`s daughter lol! she is animal mad, Jean x

  2. I hope laying an egg is not like giving birth! That size would give anyone a shock but it will make a rather good omlettte.
    Have a great weekend, love the buttons, especially the piggy of course but that's mad me and my pigs.
    Jane x


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