Monday, 2 August 2010

Connected with the modern world!!

...all by myself!  I have a blog and as a repressed author I am going to make the most of it. 

I started off trying to put a comment on someone else's blog and ended up finding an old subscription that I had and updating it...successfully...and customizing the page and everything...what a clever girl I am!  Well, today has been fairly normal, took Iz to the woods and had a lovely time throwing the ball, finding the ball, picking up poo and chatting to other doggy people.  The things we do.  Came home, Ben washed all the windows for me, so now you can see how dreadful they are from the inside :(, the sun came out, so I promptly forgot to put the washing on the line and left it in the machine.  But.  I have got some fantastic chickens cooking in the kiln!!  I was asked to do an order for chicken beads that could be hung from a window, as a sun catcher and after several experiments have made them out of transparent glass, some even with reactive centres and they looked fab going in the kiln, fingers crossed they look that good coming out!  I collected Charley from her friends late afternoon and nearly three hours later both kids have yet to have a full blown row so I think its going to be a nice evening....and there are those that wonder why their dad works nights!


Jane said...

Laney I'm so glad I have inspired you to revisit your blog, its SUCH fun looking back at what you have written and I've only been going for a week. Great stuff, I will be reading.
Keep blogging and torching,

pfglover said...

Now I have to go and create a blog for my website/dogs. WHY did you do Will see if your dad can connect to this, but it may take a while - he's hiding out at the boat while Rufus whimpers pathetically and gazes adoringly at Molly!