Saturday, 31 August 2019

Art Elements theme challenge reveal - Octopus.

This month's Art Elements theme was set by Claire and was Octopus.  Not a subject I was overly familiar with and I struggled...alot!  I have nothing 'concrete' or finished or even started really but I did spend a few evenings doodling and as octopus was on my mind here is a few of the doodles and experiments.  I am sure that everyone else who participated in the challenge will have been far more productive and can show something rather spectacular.. or should that be tentacular? which according the Urban Dictionary means something of many parts which is difficult to manage!  I rather like that word...tentacular...  

So first up was Sharky Malone, actually he was last up and as such I got distracted so I never finished 'colouring' him in - as has been my way just lately my muse is being quite elusive, or is that my staying power for finishing anything!  So Sharky Malone is a shark, obviously and I had this fleeting thought of how Sharky would capture his dinner if he was devious, why of course he would build himself an Octopus Theme Park and fill it with stolen pirate treasure to attract the youngsters.... 
If you can't see the 'story poem' I wrote all over the page here it is...

A plan was hatched by Sharky Malone
Who pretended that he was still at home
But, down at the park, just left of the shell
Was Sharky Malone, disguised very well.
'Come closer little fish, there's treasure to see
Don't be afraid of little old me.....'

I brought some peg doll 'things' the blank wooden wotsits (all technical terms) recently and had this idea I would do a peg doll octopus - I have endless doodles of that but nothing came of it!  I also came across some ply wood (I think) door hanging thingies and as I have Arteza watercolour pens AND Posca pens I decided to see if they would work together on the wood.  They do!  fancy that!  I need to varnish this but I ran out of spray varnish so need to buy some more, then I will hang this on my bathroom door, my kids might have grown up but I think I am regressing!  

Close up of the Octopus door hanging thingie...  I was thinking of costumes for some reason, I think I had been in my wardrobe and spied my dragon onesie - for winter you understand ;)  - and wondered if you could get an octopus one.. I bet you can! 

Just a random doodle in water colour pencil with the same pencil used dry on the top.  

...and another doodle in the sketchbook this time using my lovely Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, oh how they glow with colour and so gorgeous to use...  I like layers and some evenings are just made for sitting and layering....  

That is all from me this month for the challenge.  It isn't very much or very complete.  I doodle a lot!  I can't keep still!  But I thought I would show that although I don't have anything particular I still was thinking of the challenge.  I am looking forward to seeing finished pieces from those that have taken part as I have seen a few 'in progress' photos on Instagram and am intrigued....


  1. Thank you for a big smile, Laney!

    I have to show Sharky Malone to my friend who - like me - is nuts for both sharks and octopuses!

    1. Glad you liked him Cat, I do have a red tailed shark in our community fish tank here and I do rather like him even though he is a bit of a 'bull in a china shop' type of fish, he isn't nasty as such but he is a bit bombastic! I am sure that Sharky Malone was inspired by Sharky in the tank! ps hope your friend likes him too :D

  2. I love how your creativity just flows from brain to hands to object. The story and character life is always in your pieces and I really enjoy connecting to them (how do you put such a life spark into everything?!). Wonderful work Laney! :)

  3. I think you did plenty for this challenge! Your Sharky Malone page alone is fantastic. I mean, there's a whole story and poem and the sketch. So much creativity crammed onto one page! And, the rest of your contributions are wonderful as well.

  4. Love all your doodles and the story of Sharky Malone. That story brought out a chuckle :)

  5. Your octopuses are so charming. I envy your ability to draw, and admire your sense of whimsy. I think you should work on that octopus costume. Never know when you might have occasion to wear one. ;)

  6. Love your Sharky Malone drawing and poem/story. YOU HAVE to write a children's book and do the illustrations. Your drawings/doodles are begging to be put into a book! I love the door thingy-I would wear an octopus onesie but I would love a dragon one! Love your golden octopus with the watercolor pencils. An the final drawing is also adorable.

  7. I love your “doodles!” I wish I could doodle as well as you do.

  8. Sharky Malone is so artfully disguised, love him :) Oh, and the poem, too! The pet octopus is quite lovable!


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