Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Art Elements Rune Reveal with Niky Sayers

This month is the last month of a Component of the Month with Art Elements as from next month we are trialing a new themed challenge to incorporate all forms of medium and that is something I am really looking forward to!  

But before we head into new waters we had the pleasure of working with a wonderful piece designed and created by the very talented Niky Sayers from the team.   A rune.  My rune was Algiz the rune of Protection, of the all seeing into other worlds and represented by Odin the God of the Gods, known for his ability to walk in other worlds amongst the living and the dead.  Odin is the God of War and is accompanied by his wolves Geri and Freki.  It is said that Geri and Freki struggled to find food so Odin gave to them the gift of sight in the form of two ravens, Huginn and Muninn who would fly high and find the prey for Geri and Freki.    The antlers from Odins helmet represent the antelope which is the animal normally associated with this rune.  I took most of my inspiration from Norse mythology but it is sprinkled with the stories from other cultures. 

I love myth and folklore and magic.  I had my runes read when I was in my late teens, I won't share the experience from that as it was quite dark - my life was very dark at the time and not just with teenage angst!  

This is the rune Niky created. It is so beautiful that I knew if I tried to create a wearable piece of jewellery I wouldn't do it justice so instead I used it to inspire me to draw.

My finished piece is not quite finished or quite right.  The mount is the wrong shape but it was one I had already!  This is the first time I have used acrylics as a watercolour, light washes and layered, but I wanted the vibrancy that the acrylic colours give as my first attempt (no photo) was too dark and heavy that I created with a different medium.  In this finished pieced I 're-styled' the ravens to give them more of a illustrative look, something more in keeping with my style and I turned the wolves around and made them howl.  This worked better than my original design (below) which was leaning too much towards realism and I lost the quirky narrative style I like.

In the original sketch Odin was too dominant and the ravens too 'real' compared to the more illustrative look of the wolves.  

I won't be doing any more to this piece, I enjoyed the process and have ordered myself some acrylic inks - watch this space! - as I love the vibrancy of the colours.  I need to concentrate more on not straying into the realms of realism, I prefer my work to be quirky although I have to admit the ravens in my finished piece do make me chuckle a little more than maybe I should!  

I hope you like the inspiration for my piece maybe one day I will execute it a little better.

I hope you will follow me and hop over to the other participants in this fabulous reveal.


Art Element Members:


  1. I love your quirky designs and that's a great way to use Niky's rune.

  2. I love your drawings both the original and the finished piece. I do think the finished piece is more in keeping with your style. I love the wolves back to back and howling! The perfect setting for the lovely rune.

  3. Absolutely awesome! I love your illustration and your style. Thank you for sharing your sketches too, I really loved seeing both versions and hearing about your process.

  4. I love the environment you created for your rune Laney! And it's so important that you pulled your whimsy back into the finished piece too - even runes need some whimsy!

  5. Yes, yes, and yes. You had me at Huginn and Muninn! The wolves, wow. I love it all. You know I am a fan of your illustrations - and I look forward to the themes inspiring even more !

  6. In a million years I would never have thought to do this Laney, but it works so beautifully well! I love your illustrations (I love both of them) and how you have used the colours! Thank you so much for joining in X

  7. I always love to see what you make, Laney, and this is awesome! I do love the second drawing as well, and really love your interpretation of the mythology - it explains is wonderfully!

  8. I actually love both versions, the whimsical one and the not-so whimsical one! I would also love to see a piece where you further explore your more real ravens because they are gorgeous! :)


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