Sunday, 21 February 2016

Insomnia and interesting romance....

Bit of a rant in this blog as this week hasn't gone to plan, yes I had a lovely evening out with friends on Thursday, fine wine... well Barcardi and coke, three of, with a rather delicious Indian curry at our favourite curry house in Hereford, Sweet Chilli, if you are local and have never been, get round to Bridge Street just before Left Bank, great food, good clean airy space with soft lighting and music and excellent staff that really can't do more for you.

Friday I had another friend come and visit... secretly I think I am just the tea maker as Gordy is her favourite she being his biggest fan and bringer of cheese, which he now knows there is some left with his  name on in the fridge making getting in and out of there a drama waiting to happen.  So far only whiskers have been skimmed by the closing door but it won't be long before he gets his tail or head stuck!  

Unfortunately I have felt hungover all week and not through drink but through lack of sleep.  I am an insomnia sufferer who has been in remission for years until this week.  Tuesday night it started.

I woke up around 2am having gone to bed around 10.30 and read until almost 12 (will talk about books in a minute!) so as you do when you are over 40 and wake up in the night you immediately head to the bathroom as ones bladder isn't the strong 'can wait until morning' type any more despite not drinking after 10pm and having a wee before bed.  So I go to the bathroom, alone, leaving dogs, husband and Gordy snoring on the bed, Teeko is in my daughters room curled up tight as a ball snoring amongst lots of space as she is at the boyfriends.  Get back into bed, shuffle my way under a dog, elbow the husband to make him roll over and stop snoring, to which, like all men, he farts and perfumes the room with rotten egg smell, Defi having heard a fart decides that he too needs to release wind and promptly does, then gets off the bed wafting his tail and swishing the revolting aromas around.  Gordy doesn't wake up and is stretched across the bed with more room than anyone else!

About 30 minutes later I decide I am thirsty so head downstairs for a drink of diet coke, just a small one still hoping to nod back off and don't want to get up for another wee later.

Go back to bed and shuffle back under huffing Izabel who is not pleased to be disturbed again, raises her head and throws me the 'do you mind' look 'some of us are sleeping'.  I apologize quietly whispering under my breath but loud enough to be heard over Gordy and the husband snoring.  Elbow the husband and avoid the cat with my legs.

I clock watch.

I am bored.

Go back downstairs to get my notebook as it has a Kindle app on it, end up on FB making up silly stories on a friends alien beads she has up for sale in a couple of the selling groups on there.

Battery dies.

Its now 5.45am and I am feeling sleepy.  Start to nod off.  My son gets up for work at 5.55am, he is 10 mins late (apparently if I was awake I should have known this and got him up!)  He makes enough noise to wake the dead.  I am awake again....

6.45am.  I elbow the husband again, can he get up and feed the dogs? I am shattered as I haven't slept.  He starts to talk to me, ask me questions on why I am feeling sleepy now and not in the night.  He gets told to go away.  I am not very polite!

I snooze for about an hour then decide that really its not happening and get up. Wednesday night will be better I think.

It wasn't.

I went to bed around 10.30pm as normal and nodded off almost straight away after reading my book for about 45 minutes - no matter how tired or drunk I might be at night I have to read at least a page of a book - oh heaven I was asleep.  My husband came up to bed just after midnight so he disturbed me but I managed to stay half asleep, before long he was snoring, Gordy was snoring, Defi was breathing deeply on the wooden floor of the bedroom and Iz was snuggled right in to the duvet stealing most of it.  Then the noise.  Oh the noise.  Wide awake I stared at the bedroom ceiling, no one else in the room seemed to notice anything unusal, was I making it up?  was I so tired the noise was in my head?  No.  The noise was a bloody rat in the loft, practising his tap dancing in clogs and he was at it for hours and hours....and hours....  Now, I don't mind rats, used to keep Fancy Rats as pets years ago, I love the part most people hate, their long silky scaley tails, but this tap dancing rat was really cruisin' for a brusin' and if I wasn't scared of heights I would have scaled the walls like Spiderman gone through the loft hatch and strangled his ratty little neck but I was reduced to lying in bed, staring at the ceiling thinking up  rat recipes should I be so inclined.

Thursday morning came and I had managed approx 2 hours of sleep during the night.  The meal out with friends was something I really was looking forward to for the last few weeks now felt like a chore, but despite being tired I had a thoroughly good time and was back home for 11pm and in bed not long after.  

My brain wouldn't switch off.  I clock watched the hours slowly ticking by waiting for Rattie to do his dancing whilst murderous thoughts raged through my mind.  He. thankfully was silent.  The husband however competed with Gordy for loudest snore and I was truly unsure whom I disliked most around 3am.

I dozed on and off Thursday night, Friday night would be better I thought, husband was going to work (nights) and I would have the bed to myself, well me, Iz, Defi and Gordy... practically empty!

10pm Friday night, I was in bed, too tired to lift up the book let alone read a word, my eyes stung, my limbs ached I was desperate for sleep.  I saw the clock 10.06pm.....2.54am.  Nearly 5 hours!!  Why did I wake up?  My husband came home at 2.30am, he made enough noise to wake up the neighbours - our nearest one being a field away down a country lane - and then when he was upstairs he began to chat to the dog!!  I was murderous, I muttered at him to shut up and tried to drift back to oblivion.  Do you think I could?  no chance.  I lay there until 6am thinking how much pressure did I have to use on the husbands snoring face with my pillow.

Last night, Saturday night, everyone in the house, including Rattie whose days are numbered anyway, was under pain of death if they disturbed me.  Husband worked again but came home around 4am and was trying so hard to be quiet - man quiet is NOT woman quiet - that I don't have the heart to tell him he woke me, but I had SIX WHOLE HOURS of sleep last night and feel like I have been reborn, in fact I have just had a mad clean through the house, one bathroom, one shower room, one utility room - all walls washed - hall, bedroom, living room and kitchen hoovered and 2 loads of washing done.  Its amazing what sleep can do!!  

So, books.

I love to read and one day I will be an author, for now I am writing for Cat World magazine and this blog but a real bona fide book deal would be brilliant!

I love buying books and our local hospice shop has a huge selection and so inexpensive that I just can't help myself and I reason that they take my unwanted goods for nothing so I support that by buying their books.  This is one of the last lot I got the other week (I can't tell you exactly how many I got just in case the husband reads this and finds out...I also have raided the shelves of The Works that closed down their outlet within our local garden centre and as he paid for that collection I have to be a be quiet on the book front....)

Lots of short stories, perfect for bedtime reading if you are  a bit tired but still need a word fix, with several of my favourite fantasy writers, Jean Johnson the author of the Sons of Destiny series being just one of them.  If you fancy a bit of out of this world romance, this book is for you, indulge in the romantic werewolf, angels, humans with a sixth sense, the beautiful Selkie, drift to sleep (if you are really lucky!) with visions of the other side playing out in your sub conscious mind......

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  1. my friend Catherine Green is a fantasy romance novelist, you might like her work, but i'll be damned if i can remember any of the titles, o know the series is Redcliffe if that helps :-)

  2. I'm a fellow insomnia sufferer, Friday night was a particularly bad one. I will have to check out that book and the suggestion you gave me xx


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