Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Catastrophe and clean fridge.

My oxygen wasn't come through the pipes, there was no pressure there so my flame was really a bit of a damp squib, so I called an expert.  My husband.  He said he would come home asap to have a look...he is at the garage.  I waited an hour.  I text him 'don't forget me'. He rang me.  He was waiting for some deliveries so I had to wait.  I need my oxygen to make my beads, I need some for the weekend as I am exhibiting in Stourbridge - the 10th anniversary bead day at Broadfield House Glass Museum should you be able to come - so I was a bit of a loose end.  What to do?

I cooked tea.  Tuna and pasta bake was on the menu...yes I have a menu, husband works it all out the week before and shops accordingly and I have my menu pinned to the fridge, its so I know what's for tea and when to ring him to find out when he is back to cook it...or very occasionally I make a start, the kitchen being an alien place to me, but tuna and pasta bake I can do so I do it.  Pots and pans on the hob, one boils over so then I clean the hob.  Fight with Gordy over the cheese topping, I win he goes and sucks in the hall sitting and dribbling on the internet router box, he has since had some cheese, I relented and he won.  So tea cooked and ready in the oven, just needs to be turned on for 45 mins or so later.  Still no oxygen.

New plan.  I will finally get round to cleaning the fridge, husband hasn't gone shopping yet this week, he is planning to go tomorrow so the fridge is as empty as its going to get for now.  Which does bring me to my question.

How come fridges are getting bigger but sinks are getting smaller?

I mean, come on, the shelf from the fridge will not even sit in the sink on its end for me to wash it - my fridge cleaning not being as often as it should be a quick wipe is just not enough.  So now I have water splashed all over the side and me and the floor, so why is it that in the whole kitchen design thing the fridge is enormous, we have one of those upright American style fridges, we need a big one I have a 20 year old son with the appetite of a pack of hungry wolves coming off of a fortnight's fast, hence the almost bare fridge the day before shopping day, that lone tomato rolling silently in the salad tray with old seeds from long ago eaten peppers its only company being the carrot with the slightly manky end in the next drawer down, and the sink is the size of a matchbox?

Does everyone have and use a dishwasher all the time?

I have to ask that question as I sold mine, the daughter just wouldn't stack it properly and it drove me nuts, so I warned her that she would be on dish duty, the old fashioned way, upto elbows in soap suds and mouldy bowls - I refer once again to the 20 year old son and the once a blue moon he pulls all my bowls and cups out of his room, usually with various scientific experiments blooming at the bottom of each and every vessel.  So she continued to stack it badly and I continued to re-wash everything by hand in the morning so I sold the thing and now she washes up...when she is home which isn't very often as she works in the evening so I get to wash up the old fashioned way in a sink that just isn't big enough.

On the bright side.  My fridge is sparkly and my oxygen is back on line and I am off to the shed and I don't need to rush as tea is cooked!


Jane said...

Oh you do make me smile Laney...I love hearing you little tales of life ;0) I could not function without my dishwasher...I pale at the thought of washing it all up by hand.I can give you some hope re the 20 year old son eating everything in the house that does not move quick enough... my Matt was just the same but at 23 he moved out and my fridge has never been empty again. Actually I look back fondly...he was fun to have around and I do sometimes miss the chaos our boys create. Funnily enough in his own place he is so house proud! xx

Abyjem said...

Why have I only just found your blog! love it xx

Izzybeads by Laney said...

Hiya and welcome to the mad corner of the blog world, its where I rant and moan about the small stuff!

Izzybeads by Laney said...

Jane, I do sometimes wonder what it would be like when the kids finally move on, although I am thinking its not in my immediate future, I think I will miss them terribly and I just can't imagine an empty washing basket or full fridge!

Elaine Thornton said...

Oh no I cant do without my dishwasher, well saying that I had to when my kutchen extension was being built. After many years without it (stuck in the garage and I used to pet it and tell it I missed it terribly wgen I went in there) I finally got it back about 18 months ago. It still worked, I love it so...... there is only manual washer upper in this house thats Moi!!!! Daughters who wash up don't know that scenerio, not at all. Think yourself lucky!! I have no strapping sons eating me out of house and home, nope but my ultra slim daughter does a pretty good job!! 80))

Elaine Thornton said...

Sorry a few spelling errors in my comment above, it is suppose to say there is only one manual washer upper here. I am on my notepad so not easy to see what I'm typing half the time. Will try harder to proof read before pressing Publish!!! Xx