Monday, 26 November 2012

Roses for Claude

This is our Claude, this summer.  A geriatric old mog at the grand age of 20.  We are having to keep an eye on him as this weekend he has started to decline, any healing vibes coming his way are gratefully received.
On a happier note. I have been re-visiting my flower designs and have listed a few beautiful rose sets in my Etsy shop 
Pink Roses
Caramel Roses

We have been having that rain, with flash flooding all over the county.  This morning the river was a torrent and the fields are so boggy as they are completely saturated.  We are forecast more later on today.  My poor chooks have put wellies on their Christmas list to Santa!
Hope you have a dry day!
Laney x



Jane said...

Sending a big stroke to dear Claude Laney, bless him. The new flowers are gorgeous. This rain is quite scary, the pour souls who have been flooded, how dreadful that must be, stay dry,
Jane x

lynsey said...

Aww poor Claude, sending lots of vibes over to you.
Your flower sets are gorgeous Laney.
We've had that rain too here in Plymouth, some localised flooding but nothing too major thank goodness

Laney Izzybeads said...

Thanks Jane I am pleased to say Claude has made a massive turn around, since changing the food and this morning I was mugged for breakfast and big poo was in the tray, its the small things that count, I was so pleased! We are dry, just, bright and sunny this morning, such a treat. Lx

Laney Izzybeads said...

I think you might have had the flooding much worse than us Lynsey, hope you are ok. Thanks for the vibes, our Claude is now back to his old senile self...thank goodness. Lx