Thursday, 1 December 2011

Its nearly the weekend...

...and me and the hubby with both Izabel and De-Fi dogs, are going on a narrowboat cruise.  Looking forward to that, I have started to get a few things ready, the bin bag full of dog towels for the inevitable moment when Iz decides the water is just too good too not swim in, and De-Fi finds that fabulous muddy puddle to wallow in, so of course the dogs now know that something is up so are following me around, just incase they miss out and that extra pack of dog treats that is in the bin bag will go missing without them.

De's paw is much better, he still is being careful when he goes to sit down, but the unnaturally quiet dog we had on Tuesday, is gone, thank goodness.  Who would have thought I would miss the constant jumping on Iz to play and charging about knocking everything flying and stealing anything from dirty socks to paper coming out of the printer, just waiting for that Golden Retriever mouth to find and run with.

I did manage to put in the last of the spring bulbs this morning.  Its still so mild and warm, just hoping that the weather holds for the weekend.  De did run off with a bag of bulbs, but he was bribed with a dog toy to give them back, I am now just waiting to see if he remembers where the hole was dug for them, so he can go and 'retrieve' them!!

I have been busy listing more items in my Ebay shop and a few in Etsy too.  I have a table for two weeks at Hart Barns  Craft Centre in Gloucester, which I will be dropping off my wares on the way to collecting the narrowboat tomorrow, I am taking some of my painted recycyled bottle spoon rests and jewellery, bookmarks and anything beady I have been doing over the last few months.  Looks like its going to be a nice venue with lots of crafts being displayed for the two weeks between 3-18 December.

I will go and finish organizing bits and pieces for the weekend, but here is a couple of pics, that I have of some beads and some piggy earrings that have already just have to love the piggies!!

Pig Sick

Froggy Christmas Bauble

Piggy Earrings

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Jane said...

O wow Laney, that sick pig to So cute. I wish it was not so near Christmas.....lots to buy and all that-LOL. You sound as though life is full and fun, enjoy your trip and stay dry! Good luck with the craft centre venture,
Happy 1st December!
Jane x