Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New Camera....


Ducks playing

Wild Orchids (I think) at the River Wye

St Michaels Church, Breinton.  The building dates back to the 16th Century, but has been modernized throughout the years and has many influences from Norman to Victorian, the gate 'house' remains the oldest part of the building.

I have been having alot of practise with my new camera, all the animals had a little photo shoot, and some beads.  Hubby has been super kind and ordered me a macro lens for it, so the pictures should be even clearer when that gets here.  I am off to Windsor Castle tomorrow, meeting my lovely friend for our holiday road trip, so my new camera will be getting more practise :O) 


Jane said...

There's nothing like a new camera Laney, mine was the best investment I made.Enjoy Windsor and post lots of photos!
Jane x

Laney said...

Hi Jane, its been a long time for me to get round to checking the blog!! The day was a disaster, no pics, it poured and poured with rain, then my friend had a young lad crash into her, then I got home and my son crashed his van...the day was a write off! We are not put off though, my friend and I are looking forward to going somewhere else in October half term, but it will not be Windsor, so disappointing :O(