Sunday, 12 December 2010

My new website

I am so excited.  Thanks to Debbie from Silver-Artz, I have got myself signed up to Getting British Business Online and got my new website  It is still very much underconstruction, but I have big plans!! 

I have been busy in my studio shed this last week, making new beads and trying out new techniques.  Thanks to the snow and ice we have had over the last few weeks, I have spent as much time as possible, huddled over my torch keeping warm.  Here are some of my beads from last week.

Large Flower Focal with spacer beads

Tiger Beads (pair of)

Little Galaxies
Under the Sea - where the Jelly Fish are!

I hope you like them :O)

Next week the snow and icy conditions is due to return and its the last week of term for both my daughter at High School and my son at College, so next week is the last week I can play undisturbed, before Christmas in the Studio Shed, just hoping the kiln and torch keep me warm enough..brr...I hate the cold.  

 I hope that everyone manages to keep warm and safe.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and fabulous New Year, hopefully see you soon x

Laney x


  1. Hi Laney, this looks great, good luck with this new business venture. It does look as though the artic weather may well return...hmmm much as it was beautiful I don't want it to disrupt Christmas!
    Take care, love Jane x

  2. good luck with the new website Laney, the beads are gorgeous


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