Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bathing Dave and cold callers....

Interesting morning and its not quite 10.30am.  Those following my blog will know that Dave is a chook (chicken) and she has been poorly for over a week.  During the nice warm sunny days she was in a separate pen in the garden, separate from the other girls, Ever-Ready, Poppy and Frankie, and seemed to get better by the day, spending her nights in the cat box in the utility room with the elderly mogs, Claude and Megan.  The last few days of cold and snow! have seen Dave take a turn for the worst, but after spending most of her day yesterday in the cat box, it was just too cold outside and she was so miserable, she seemed to be much better again today with plenty of energy, the downside being that the utility room stinks of chicken poop and of course poor Dave, who is having difficulty in standing upright for long periods, has chicken poop stuck in her feathers on her bum.  So...after walking the dogs this morning, and actually seeing some blue sky, I decided to bath Dave and clean up her bottom and make her smell a bit sweeter.  As my daughter is on Easter holidays, she was roped in to help.  Still in my water proofs from walking the dogs, I filled the utility room sink bowl with a nice luke warm water and a touch of dog shampoo, for bubbles! and a few drops of TCP to kill off any bacteria, and popped Dave in her bubble bath.

Claude, our spring chicken mog at 19 yrs young, was having some breakfast when the visitor to his room was taking a bath, they touch noses and its fair to say, Claude was the one on the back paw, Dave was not impressed at a man watching her in the tub.

After a few minutes soaking in the bubbles, with the help of my daughter I lifted Dave into the towel that we had put on the draining board.  It was at that moment the phone rang.  Daughter answered it and gave it to me.  'Are you busy?' said the women at the other end 'just bathing a sick chicken' I said, 'how can I help you?' Meanwhile my daughter is trying hard not to laugh whilst holding onto Dave so she doesn't fall off the draining board.  'Oh' said the voice.  'I will call back later'  'if you are sure?' I say and that ends that phone call.  Daughter is beside herself, 'best way to get rid of cold callers' she says.  I wonder if the cold calling lady has stopped laughing yet?

Daughter then took a picture of me, giving Dave an after bath cuddle.

Yes that is me.  I don't have bad hair days, I have bad hair lifetimes, I am pale due to this wretched virus that just will not shift and have just walked the dogs down by the river and picked up poop, not to mention bathed a chicken, I do sometimes look a little better than this...not much...but a bit...

Laney x


  1. Oh Laney this is so funny! -I never imagined a chook would allow you to bath it and Claude appears to think the same! Hope Dave feels better for her pampering.

  2. Heheheh..apparently its very relaxing for them, I have bathed a few chooks now, most people do think I am quite bonkers!

  3. Love the photo of you and Dave! You look pretty good.
    Hope Dave enjoyed her bath and is on the mend.

  4. Laney you have made my day, i love that line

  5. Another day in the life of Laney it never changes. She is always up to something and being Laney you can guarantee you will have your laugh of the day. Must admit's usually not her fault.....In actual fact it's never her fault :0).

  6. Oh! You have so made my day. You seem to laugh your way through life whatever it throws at you. I hope the virus goes soon and you begin to feel better. Best wishes, Erika

  7. Oh - so funny!!

    Dave looks rathwer taken aback in her bath....but I bet she feels a bit better now. Hope she gets well sad seeing a chook unwell :-( Give her a cuddle from me!

  8. What a brilliant post Laney...that photo of Dave in the bowl is classic. You really brought a smile to my face this am...this ruddy virus is dreadful isn't it. I think you look pretty good for a sick woman hun! What a lucky chook Dave is to have found a home with're such a sweetie with you dear animals. Hope Dave continues to perk up and you and your Hb feel 100% soon.
    Jane xx

  9. Thanks all. Dave died this afternoon :O( Very disappointing, really did think she was going to pull through, still she isn't suffering and Ben dug me a nice hole under the buddleia. Laney x


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