Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pig Tails and Bumble Bees

The sun is glorious and its only March!!

Me and the dogs have been loving the river walks, most days both Iz and Defi are in the water, splashing and swimming, chasing balls and sticks and meeting all their doggy pals for a good romp in the sunshine.  Its been glorious.  Defi has done so many things this last week, all of them silly! that he has inspired his own range of character beads.  Last week, Defi took to snorkeling, or at least thats what I thought he was doing, totally immersing himself in the river and finding the treasure, that rotten tree branch and really stinky, green slimy stick being his treasure of choice.  That particular walk inspired this bead....

Defi, complete with snorkel and goggles.
Its was only at the weekend that I caught the naughty puppy, (he is really 2yrs old but is our puppy and has definately yet to grow up, much to Iz's chargin) with his nose buried deep in more trouble.  There he was in the sunshine, nose deep into a big yellow daffodil when a big bumble bee - yes we have had some already this year - came and landed on his flower, he did jump out of the way pretty quick....

Defi and the daffodil Just click on the link and Defi has just been listed in my Etsy shop.

I have also just listed, for auction, these beautiful Bullseye Roses Ebay Auction Roses

And just for a giggle, yesterday at the torch I was thinking pig tails, why? who knows!  But this is what happened...

isn't she cute?

Laney x


  1. Defi sounds a real character Laney. Hasn't the weather just be glorious eh, it's like a summer after here today. Love all your new creations and their inspirations. I have also just opened my packet and found that you have just come up trumps with the wedding beads...you are such a genius with the torch. Enjoy the sunshine,
    Jane x

  2. Defi and the daffodil are so cute! I love the little bee too. You should make more bumblebees :)

  3. Thank you both. I am loving the sunshine, as is Iz and Defi, lots of swimming and lying in the sun for them and hot beading for me!

  4. They are all cute, but the pig takes the prize!!


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