Friday, 9 March 2012

Dizzy Kitten and her clay treasures.

Now its my turn, *rubbing hands together in glee*.  I am part of a blog ring on  Craft Pimp, which is a wonderful and diverse group of crafty minded people, from glass, like me, to paper, fabric, photography and clay.  To name a few.  Its a brilliant forum, full of laughs and giggles and the chance to meet some fabulous artists.  The nominated victim candidate for this week, is Kayleigh aka Dizzy Kitten and her fantastic polymer clay treasures.  I am going to start with a feast for the eyes, some of my favourites from her collections...

Pirate Cats...Ahoy there sailor me 'earties....

Such a cute froggie

Kayleigh is a youngster on the group, being the baby age of early twenties *spits*, but she definately has an eye for detail, just look at her froggies, more on her webpage Dizzy Kittens fabby pages and her lizards Lizards extraordinaire, and you have to agree, she has a talent for the Polymer Clay she favours as her medium.

As well as froggies and lizards she dabbles in a bit of rather special jewellery, colour and form being, I think, her strongest drive, just look at this beautiful summer bracelet, wouldn't be out of place on your hols or watching Wimbledon with a Pimms and bowl of strawberries....

Yum yum!
Kayleigh does seem to have a bit of a gift of turning sticky lumps of clay - when I tried it it was a disaster! - into some fantastic display pieces, from the jewellery, above and the sculptural ornaments in her froggies, but she also designs and makes these superb wedding cake toppers...

Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers
How unique and original would that be on the big day?  and what a beautiful keepsake to remember it by.

My final picture is of these brilliant drawer knobs.  Imagine your kitchen transformed into a arty collection of colour and whimsy, I think they, and all of Kayleigh's work are brilliant, and to think she is still studying at Uni!!  Amazing, the young have so much energy *sigh*

Drawer Knob Bling

For more of Kayleigh's work visit her website or go to her flickr
Website for Dizzy Kitten aka Kayleigh Sexton
Kayleighs Flickr

Laney x


  1. She is certainly very talented Laney. I love the bling door they would cheer up furniture. Mmm strawberries and summer....can't wait. Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  2. And you Jane, sun promises to be out! Kayleigh does have a talent with the clay, when I tried it, I stuggled to make a round ball! and those door knobs, I keep looking at my kitchen.........

  3. Wow, those wedding cake toppers are wonderful - all of Kayleighs work is beautiful, vibrant and detailed. Not jealous, honest:))


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